Galileos – Cone beam CT 3D Diagnostics

The Galileos is a 3-dimensional x-ray scanner capable of reproducing the bones, teeth, and soft tissues of the oral cavity. This allows one scan to be used for a variety of applications from diagnosis to treatment planning.

How it works

Galileos 3D Scanner

The machine is fully adjustable and allows a patient to either stand or be seated while it rotates around them. Over the course of a quick 14 seconds scan, the Galileos acquires all of the information necessary to recreate a virtual image of the lower skull from the bridge of the nose to the top of the neck. After a brief computer processing time, the 3-dimensional images are ready to be viewed.

The real-time slicing window allows the doctor to view each tooth from any angle and evaluate them in a comprehensive fashion previously unheard of. In addition to evaluating the teeth, the slicing window allows precise measurements of the bone and nerves allowing for unparalleled implant placement planning.

By combining the CEREC and Galileos technology implant placement and restoration find the perfect union. The process begins by designing the most aesthetic and functional CEREC restoration. Once designed the restoration is imported into the Galileos program so that the ideal implant placement can determined. The information is used to design a custom guide so the implant placement goes smoothly and according to plan so the final restoration is perfect.

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