CEREC – CEramic REConstruction

CEREC was the first chairside CAD-CAM (Computer Assisted Design-Computer Assisted Manufacture) system that allows dentists to repair broken teeth in one visit. No impressions, no temporaries, no two to three week wait, and no return visit. In 2002 Dr. Wilson was instrumental in bringing this exciting technology to Bakersfield and to date, he has successfully placed literally thousands of these restorations.

How CEREC Works:
Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of CEREC is that it is so versatile when it comes to repairing teeth. Prior to this technology a broken or cracked tooth would need to be repaired with a crown or cap. This required the entire enamel surface of the tooth to be stripped off, leaving the tooth as a peg or stump in order to fit a crown over the tooth.

With CEREC, only the broken, cracked, or decayed part of the tooth is repaired. That means that a broken or cracked tooth won’t need to be repaired with a full crown thereby leaving much of the enamel (the hardest and strongest part of the tooth) intact. After the broken or cracked part of the tooth is smoothed and any remaining old filling and decay is removed, a special camera is used to capture an electronic image of the tooth. With the help of the computer, Dr. Wilson will design the new restoration right in front of you. Then the milling unit takes over and the new restoration is cut from a solid block of very tooth-like ceramic in a matter of minutes. The new restoration is then “bonded” onto your tooth, restoring your tooth to its original strength and beauty. The whole procedure only takes about an hour.

With less tooth preparation (drilling), the resulting CEREC restorations are the most comfortable restorations known to dentistry.

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